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Neil Bernstein Architect Artist-Creative Department of Defense

Neil Bernstein's controversial memorial artworks (paintings, sculpture and architectural structures) are exhibited and acquired by museums and collectors throughout the world. The works are historically grounded in world events using an ecclectic collision of disparate elements which range from the sacred to the profane. "My purpose has always been to provide the public with something more potent and effective than the commonplace - a means of transformation - mythological beasts - for issues like 9/11,  U.S. immigration, military and veterans, and The Holocaust -" a representation of the un-representational"


Berntein has lectured at colleges and appeared on numerous TV news, talkshows and PBS. His series "ART AFTER 911" is available world-wide.


Historians, curators and journalists have written extensively about Bernstein's new "modes" and his ground-breaking and life-threatening exhibitions world-wide.


Dubbed "International Culture Architect"  since his revolutionary first-responder exhibitions at The World Trade Center 2001-2002 , immigration  bridges in the deadly borderlands of Arizona, Bernstein was "Commo Chief" in Top-Secret Operations along The Iron Curtain from 1976-1990. His controversial and revolutionary museum works have saved millions of minds, souls and lives since 1976.











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