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Induced by the tempests of  tragedy and  public need, our studios breed  mythological icons for the interpretation of historically significant events. Catalytic cyclones, the works shape clandestine materials, classic cars, carnival implements and other exciting materials into unusual contemporary representations of historically significant events.   



Art History


Art Consulting



2019-2020: "The Great Wall-Ark Of The United States" Mass-media over-the-road reunification boat signed by folks from every corner of the world as testimony for cooperation. The title gives a nod to China , the Border Crisis etc. 

2017: "Presidential Distress" GDCA Gallery Downtown Los Angeles

2017: Presidential Exhibition-NBC News, Phoenix, Arizona 

2017 ACLU-NBC News

2017: NPR "Veterans Corner" 1 hour live interview

2016: New 911 wreckage-debris paintings released

2016 "AMERICAN PIE" series

2016: FILM-"BERNSTEIN!" underway

2016: established "The CREATIVE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE" interface and spx-operations agency international. Launched from Los Angeles, California and Washington, D.C.

2016: The New Lincoln Veterans Memorial Los Angeles, California

2015: "The Politics of Haunting and Memory in International Relations by Jessica Aucther released on Amazon (immigration bridges)

2014-2016: "THE NEW LINCOLN VETERANS MEMORIAL"-(return from the ashes) Cross-country-major TV news-media. Classic Lincoln Towncar covered in signatures from the foxhole to The Pentagon to effect influence to U.S. Congress to repair the crippled VA  

2013: Orange County Contemporary Arts 

2013: Jailed-hospitalized due to "Psychosis induced by improper medications by under-funded VA Healthcare system"

2012: "WASTED MANAGEMENT" FEMA Area 3-Seaside Heights, New Jersey

2010: New Amsterdam

2009: "NEW CENTURY ARTISTS" Chelsea, N.Y.,N.Y.

2008: Santa Fe Railyard-Golden Gates Bridge

2008: "The Golden Gates Bridge(s) Over Troubled Borders" (7) Water-filled 80' life-saving bridges along and across the U.S.-Mexico borders

2008: PBS Special

2007: El Ojito Center Tucson, Az. One Man 911 Arizona Border Exhibition

2007: University of Louisiana Museum Of Art-"UPROOTED" Lower 9th Ward Debris Works-spokesperson WBRZ

2006-2007: "THE BOTTOM OF THE 9th-Ward site-specific exhibition over the FEMA barricades of New Orleans from the wreckage and "Clandestine" materials of Hurricane Katrina-Rita

2006: Pennsylvania State Art Museum. "Art of the State"
2006: Jones Center/Museum for Contemporary Art. "New American Talents", juried by Aimee Chang, director of Orange County Museum of Contemporary Art, LA, CA. 
2005: Allentown Museum of Art, Allentown, PA. – Juried exhibition.
2005: Pennsylvania State Museum, Harrisburg, PA. – “Art of the State” juried exhibit. Juror: Kathrine Calley Galitz, Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
2005: Allentown Museum of Art, Allentown, PA. – “Myth and Magic” group exhibit
2004: Radio Europa, Cazenovia College, Syracuse, NY. – Lecture Series “The Arts of Terrorism”
2004: Europe mecca tv, art and terrorism. Bucks College, Newtown, PA. – Lecture Series “The Arts of Terrorism”
2003: Sofia Museum of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria – Ground Zero Memorial Works- One man exhibition.
2003: Tv Good Morning South Africa. Johannesburg Museum of Art, Johannesburg, South Africa – Ground Zero Memorial Works - One man exhibition.
2002: World Trace Center area, NY, NY – Ground Zero One Man 3000 square ft exhibition adjacent to ground zero.
2000: PNI Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. – Holocaust One Man Show

1998: Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. – Cutting Edge
1995: SteamRoller Gallery, Clinton, NJ. – One Man Show
1993: Port of History Museum, Philadelphia, PA. "Art On The Edge "
1991: Penn state college Reddins, PA. - “Art Now” TV Series guest speaker
1991-1996: HighWire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. – One Man Shows
1991: Yeshiva, Old Jerusalem, Israel – Holocaust Works
1991: Massada, Israel - Dead Sea Siteworks.
1989-1990: Kunstenarts Contemporary Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands-Ten revolutionary american artists (co-ordinated w/Van Gogh
retrospective, 1990)-active in demolition-special interface operations Berlin Wall-Iron Curtain, Eastern Europe
1988: Day of the Dead Architectural Towers, Philadelphia, PA.
1980-1984: New Hope Artsl, New Hope, PA.
1979: Auswitz, Germany -Site work outside the gates of prison camp.
1978: Dachau, West Germany – Holocaust Works at the gates of Dachau.
1976: Fort Gordon, GA. –(10) Building Murals.



2013-present: Independent Studies cont.-PHITHETAKAPPA Honor Society
2001-2003: International studies-South Africa, Bulgaria, N.Y.,N.Y. 
1992-1995: Goddard College, Plainfield, VT. –
Architecture, Philosophy, Writing.
1989-1990: Independent intel studies-Eastern Europe-Israel Defense
1986-1992: Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. – School of Architecture.
1984-1986: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA.
1980-1984: Bucks County College of Fine Arts, PA.
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